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PVC Coated Cable

Our most versatile and most popular cable type, 2.5mm thickness provides a more balanced and heavy rope, allowing for better control. Recommended for newer jumpers.

Bare Cable 

Our fastest cable option, only recommended for smooth surfaces. 1.5mm very light, if your goal is speed, this is the rope for you.

Heavy Cable

This cable will challenge your workout on a different level. PVC Coated and 5mm of thickness, provides extra resistance when jumping, and makes you work extra hard to have the rope spin around you. Add the weighted handles and your forearms and shoulders are in for a fun one.

When determining the ideal cable option for your needs, a few key factors should be taken into account.

If your primary concern is speed and you are a proficient jumper training indoors on rubber flooring, then the bare cable is the perfect choice for you, it may need to be replaced more often.

On the other hand, if durability and versatility are of utmost importance, and you'd prefer a longer duration between cable replacements, then the PVC Coated cable is likely to be a better alternatives. It's important to note that this cable is intentionally heavier.

Furthermore, while all these options are suitable for jumpers of any skill level, beginners often find the feedback provided by the PVC Coated cable beneficial for mastering timing and rhythm. This cable also offer durability throughout the learning process.

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